How to install the glass door clip---part 1

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1. Disassembly and positioning of the glass door clamp installation The fixed glass and the movable glass door are combined into a complete glass door, and then the line is laid out and positioned according to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, and the position of the door frame is determined.

2. The limit groove at the top of the installation door frame of the glass door installation The limit groove width The glass thickness is 2-4 mm, and the limit groove depth is 10-12 mm.

3, the glass door installation of the metal veneer bottom support installation First fix the square wood on the ground, and then use the universal glue to paste the metal veneer on the square wood.

4. Vertical door frame installation of glass door installation Use the center line to nail the door frame square wood, use plywood to determine the position of the door frame column, and finally outsource the metal decorative surface. Mounting glass for glass door clamps Use a glass suction cup to draw thick glass and lift it up to the position where it needs to be installed. The first step is to insert the upper part of the glass into the limit groove at the top of the door frame, and then insert the lower part of the glass into the bottom bracket.