How to install the glass door clip---part 2

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5. Fixing glass nails installed on the glass door clamps Two small square wooden strips are placed on the inside and outside of the bottom supporting square wood. The thick glass is sandwiched in the middle, and then the universal glue is applied on the square wooden strip, and the decorative metal is glued to the square. On the wooden strip. The glass door clamp is filled with glass glue to seal the gaps such as the top limit groove, the bottom bracket side, the thick glass and the frame column, etc., and the glass glue is injected for sealing. If there is excess glass glue, the tool is scraped.

6, the glass door clamp installed glass butt glass door fixed parts sometimes need to be spliced due to size, then its seam should have a width of 2-3 mm, and then chamfer the glass side. Spring mounting of the glass door clamp installation The ground spring and the top positioning pin of the door frame must be on the same axis after installation.

7. Installation of the lower door clamp above the glass door installation Install the upper and lower metal door clamps on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf respectively. Glass door door clamps for glass door installation Insert small wooden strips into the gaps between the glass and door clips and inject glass glue. Glass door installation handle installation First apply the glass glue to the part of the glass that is inserted into the handle, then insert the handle and wait until the root is tightly connected to the glass.