aboput canton fair and furniture fair

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Guangzhou CIFF Exhibition is the China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou). Since 2015, it will be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou every March, and in Shanghai Hongqiao in September.
CIFF Furniture Fair is a furniture-themed exhibition. It enjoys the reputation of “the first camp of the brand”, “Asian Home Trading Center” and “the barometer of China's furniture industry”. It has an insurmountable industry influence and call in the world. We are committed to building the world's most valuable trading platform for the furniture and home industry, providing the industry with the widest range of cooperation and trade.

Canton Fair: The China Import and Export Fair (English: The China Import and Export Fair) is the Guangzhou Trade Fair, referred to as the Canton Fair, and the English name is Canton fair. Founded in the spring of 1957, it is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. It has a history of 62 years from 2019. It is the longest, highest level, largest scale, the most complete product category, the largest number of merchants, and the transaction effect. The best comprehensive international trade event. Since the 101st session in April 2007, the Canton Fair has been renamed as China Import and Export Fair by the China Export Commodities Fair, and has changed from a single export platform to a two-way trading platform for import and export. On October 15, 2012, the 112th Canton Fair was opened. Although the global market is still in a state of continuous cooling, the traditional advantages of China's foreign trade development have not been fundamentally weakened.

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