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Security door purchase skills

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1.First of all, it is best to choose a big brand, the product quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is good, so that even if there are problems in the later stage of the product, they can be solved in time.

2. Before buying, make sure which side the door opens, and then choose a lock with the same opening direction as the door. There are two main types: left and right handles.

3. It is necessary to choose the same shape of the handle of each function door lock, which can make the whole room look more coordinated.

4. For the hinge of the anti-theft door, pay attention to whether the product has a hinge of sufficient strength, so as to prevent the door from falling down in the future, which will affect the normal opening of the door lock or even be damaged.

5. The thickness of the door is best to choose 35-50mm combined spherical lock, 35-55mm plug-in type, 42mm mortise door lock, 35-55mm marble door lock.

6. From the distance, the lock tongue can be divided into 60mm and 70mm. If the door bone width is more than 100mm, you need to use a 70mm tongue, if the door bone width is between 90-100mm, you need to choose a 60mm tongue.

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