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Experience rural culture with Chinese characteristics

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Experience rural culture with Chinese characteristics

    Fengjian Water Township belongs to Xingtan Town, Shunde, Foshan,China. It is located at the northern end of Xingtan Town, Shunde, Foshan, beside the Koi River. It has excellent water resources and water environment and is a national AAA-level tourist attraction.

    There are more than 10 kilometers of waterways surrounding the village . The water shines into the sky, the blue waves are rippling, and there is an endless feeling of twists and turns. Away from the hustle and bustle, the air is fresh and pleasant, the natural environment is harmonious, and the pattern of Lingnan ancient village still exists. There are more than a hundred ancient houses, old trees all over, and old stone roads. The shades of green trees and the fragrance of birds and flowers are poetic and picturesque. It provides an ideal place for leisurely vacationers who like to return to nature and achieve the mood of forgetting things.

Take a boat to see the scenery





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