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1. After using for a period of time, the door handle is prone to loosening. If you call a professional maintenance worker to repair it, a fee will be unavoidable. It's better to solve it by yourself at home, just adjust it tightly.2. The specific method is very simple. First, unscrew the cover outsi



Does every family need a child safety lock?

1. Those who don't let in can't come in (anti-theft)One of the most basic solutions for home protection and anti-theft measures is anti-theft. In the past, traditional window locks had the anti-theft effect only when the windows were closed. Scientific home protection anti-theft facilities require t



How can I fix the door handle when it comes loose?

The broken door handle needs to be removed. Normally, the door handle of the anti-theft door needs to be disassembled on the inside side of the room. Just use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw that fixes the door handle. Ordinary cross A flower screwdriver can be effective, and most households wil



How to unblock the floor drain

1. Manual cleaning method The floor drain is blocked generally because all kinds of dirt enter through the floor drain port, which causes it to be blocked; first, it is enough to clean up the dirt in the floor drain. Another method is to use tools such as iron pliers and wire hooks to open the lid o



How to adjust the loose door handle?

1. The door handle at home may become loose after being used many times. If it is not handled at that time, it will loosen after a long time, and some parts will fall off. First of all, we need to observe that there are upper and lower screws at the position of the door handle, which can be screwed

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