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How do sliding doors lock?

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Locking method of sliding doors

1. When installing locks on a sliding door, simply attach the lock directly to the door frame and frame. If you want to lock the sliding door, just move it to the position of the door frame. The installation of the lock for sliding doors is similar to that of ordinary room doors. If you want it to look better after installation, it is best to use a lock specifically designed for sliding doors.
2. The sliding doors of the two doors are basically overlapping, so it is definitely difficult to install the lock in the middle position. So you need to install the lock on both sliding doors, and usually just open one door.
3. Some sliding doors have four doors. At this time, the sliding doors on both sides can be fixed with small nails, and the middle row can be placed together for more convenient installation with the lock. When in use, only open the middle two doors.

Locking method for glass sliding doors

1.It is best for you to go to a hardware store and find an experienced locksmith to install the lock. If operating on your own, please follow the installation requirements in the product manual and first open holes on the spacing template according to the lock body installation size.
2. Check if the drilled holes are accurate and correct. Install the lock body into the hole position in sequence, align and fix the screws, install the screws and connecting screws on the outer panel components, insert the connecting square rod into the square rod hole of the lock body, align the handle square hole of the outer panel component with the connecting square rod hole, and install the outer panel component strictly according to the steps in the product installation manual.
3. Install the inner panel components, align them, and tighten the screws; Insert the lock head body from the inside out into the lock hole of the lock body; Insert the screw through the lock body panel hole and align it with the thread of the lock head installation hole before tightening. Install a locking box or locking plate on the door frame.
4. After initial installation, rotate the inner and outer handles of the crescent lock to observe if the inclined tongue can be smoothly retracted and extended; Rotate the rear panel knob to feel if the square tongue is smoothly retracted; Insert the key and rotate it back and forth to feel if the tongue extends and retracts smoothly. After tightening the assembly screws of the crescent lock with a screwdriver, repeat the above action and rotate it several times to ensure that the locking tongue can move in and out freely after the screws are fixed.
The reason why sliding doors are so popular is because they do not take up any space, especially in households with relatively small living areas. Installing sliding doors is the best choice.

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