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How to adjust the loose door handle?

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1. The door handle at home may become loose after being used many times. If it is not handled at that time, it will loosen after a long time, and some parts will fall off. First of all, we need to observe that there are upper and lower screws at the position of the door handle, which can be screwed off first. 

2. Prepare a screwdriver and turn the handle down. You can see a small hole in which there is a screw to fix the handle. Then tighten the screws with a screwdriver, and then there will be no loosening problem. After tightening, reinstall the door handle. The problem can be solved by screwing the screws. 

3. The door handle is easy to fall off after a long time because of its high utilization rate. If the surface is sprayed with paint, it is easy to fall off. There are also many materials for door handles, some of which are ceramic, so it is not easy to have such problems. Others are solid wood, so we must maintain them more. If they are metal, we need to take waterproof and moisture-proof measures. Glass is easy to break and must be kept properly. Some are alloy or plastic.


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