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How to choose cabinet handles

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181. Style

The cabinet handles are rich in styles, and the owners can choose according to their own habits and needs. For families with children, it is recommended to use built-in handles. This kind of handles have no protruding edges and corners, so there is no need to worry about the baby accidentally being injured. The pull-out door handle is more convenient, but relatively easier to hide dirt.

2. Identify quality

High-quality cabinet handles are flawless, more delicate in workmanship, and feel smooth and free of particles. It is recommended that owners choose electroplated or electrostatic sprayed handles, which have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the pulling force of the handle is also very important. A good handle can withstand a pulling force of more than six kilograms.

3. Material

The brass door handle is hard in texture and full of retro atmosphere, which is more suitable for matching with European style cabinets; the ceramic cabinet handle is suitable for matching with Chinese style cabinets or pastoral style cabinets. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy cabinet handles are more suitable for modern style cabinets.

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