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How to choose handles for different furniture parts

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  1. Install two luxurious handles on the porch and symmetrical decorative doors. For the shoe cabinet, you should choose a single-head handle with a color close to the board surface.

  2. The handle of the food decoration cabinet can adapt to its own more eye-catching style, choose a double-headed handle with gloss and contrast with the color of the furniture.

  3. The handle of the TV cabinet can be considered to choose an exposed handle with a color similar to that of the electric device or TV cabinet countertop stone, such as black, gray, dark green, and sub-gold.

  4. The furniture of the study or studio can imitate the practice of office buildings, choose simple and square handles.

  5. There are not many cabinet doors in the bathroom. It is suitable to choose ceramic or organic glass handles with miniature single-head balls. The color or material should be similar to the cabinet body.

  6. Ceramic or European handles are suitable for furniture.


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