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How to choose handles for different usage environments?

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door handle

Handle is a tool installed on furniture such as doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, etc., which plays a role of pushing, pulling, and pulling, making it easy to switch by hand.

If it is an entrance door, the requirements for safety and firmness are relatively high. Therefore, when choosing handles for household doors, do not choose plastic handles.

The entrance is one of the key decorative areas in the bedroom, and the handles in this area mainly include the handles of the entrance cabinet and the handles of the shoe cabinet. The handle of the entrance cabinet can emphasize its decorative nature; The handle of the shoe cabinet should attach importance to its functionality, and a single headed handle with a color similar to the panel should be selected to avoid hindering the owner's use.

Do not choose kitchen cabinet handles with too many textures, as they are frequently used in the kitchen and have high levels of oil fumes. If there are too many textures on the handles, they will not be easy to clean after being contaminated with oil fumes. For kitchen handles, durable and corrosion-resistant materials should be chosen, and aluminum alloy handles are a good choice for kitchens.

The handle for bathroom doors is frequently used, so it is important to buy a handle with better quality and a higher number of opening and closing times. In addition, there are not many cabinet doors in the bathroom, so it is suitable to choose micro single head ball shaped ceramic or organic glass handles, which should have a color or material similar to the cabinet body.

For furniture in small living rooms, especially in aisle areas, you can choose a closed handle that only pops up when pressed down. And for the handle of the TV cabinet in the living room, it can be considered to choose an exposed handle that is similar in color to the electrical components or the stone surface of the TV cabinet, such as black, gray, dark green, or sub gold. Because the frequency of opening cabinet doors in living rooms is relatively low, choosing closed or exposed handles can ensure that people's movement is not affected.

For safety reasons, children's rooms may be equipped with flat handles or simply designed without handles. Embedded handles are particularly suitable for rooms with children because they do not have protruding edges and corners, so children will not accidentally bump into them. The protruding handle is likely to cause children to collide and get injured while running or jumping.

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