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How to choose indoor door hardware

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Hardware is closely related to our indoor doors, and their figures can be seen on every indoor door. Hardware mainly includes hinges, door handles, door locks, door suckers, and so on.Home decoration, I believe everyone is familiar with hardware, as it is inseparable from our indoor doors. And their figures can be seen in every door of ours, such as hinges, locks, etc., which are common to us.

  1. Indoor door hinges are mainly used for rotating and closing between door leaves and door frames. Its specifications are generally between 25mm and 150mm. There are also various types of indoor door hinges, in addition to ordinary hinges, there are also lightweight hinges, spring hinges, core pulling hinges, silent hinges, and so on. Among them, standard hinges are generally made of iron, copper, and stainless steel, which have good load-bearing capacity.

   2.Door handles are also an essential part of indoor door hardware. At present, the specifications of door handles are generally between 75mm and 130mm. There are also many styles, such as regular and banana styles, which are very common in our daily lives. Ordinary door handles can be divided into cylindrical door handles, bottom door handles, square door handles, etc. These are generally named based on their utility and shape. For square door handles, their characteristic is that they are installed on larger indoor doors. In addition to being used for indoor sliding, they can also serve as handrails, decorations, and protective glass.

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