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How to fix the round revolving door handle broken?

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  1. When the revolving door handle is broken, if it needs to be disassembled, prepare the tools first, and then read the installation manual to know its general structure. First remove with a tool to see the fixing screw, and then remove the bolt.

  2. Then remove all the screws that can be seen by the naked eye, and the internal structure of the revolving door handle is exposed.

  3. When disassembling the inside of the door lock, you need to use a tool of the corresponding model to remove the screws from the lock tongue, followed by the lock tongue.

  4. Then you can see that there is a small hole on the lock lever between the door lock and the door. Look for a pointed object, insert it directly into the small hole and press, while pulling out the head of the door handle, rotate it and pull it out.

  5. Rotate and remove the fixed metal plate on the lock lever that is close to the door, and you will see two fixing screws. Remove the screws and the fixing iron plate, and you can remove the entire lock outside the room.

  6. Purchase a round revolving door handle of the same model and install it according to the instruction manual. Remember the current internal structure, then install the exterior, and finally try to use it, whether the door can be opened and closed normally.

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