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How to install the door hinge correctly?

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1. Determine the minimum distance between door bodies

When installing hinges, it is necessary to determine the minimum distance between the door bodies. Failure to control the distance properly may result in collisions and difficulty opening and closing, which can affect the appearance of the door and may not be practical.

2. Determine the number of hinges based on the door panel

After determining the distance between the installed door panel and the hinge, we need to install it according to the number of hinges selected for the door body. The number of hinges installed mainly depends on the height of the door panel. Generally, for door panels with a height of 1500 millimeters and a weight between 9-12 kilograms, about 3 hinges should be selected. Normally, there are only two, and the number of door hinges can be appropriately increased based on the height and weight.

3. Installation method of door hinges

The installation method is very important. When opening the door, it can be divided into three installation methods based on the position of the door edge and the side panel: full cover door, half cover door, and embedded door. The full cover door generally covers the side panel, while the half cover door covers half of the side panel. It is especially suitable for cabinets with a partition in the middle that require the installation of three or more doors, and the embedded door is installed inside the two side panels.

4. Determine location

Before installing the door, it is necessary to use a carpenter's pen to determine the position, with a drilling edge distance of about 5 millimeters. Then, use a pistol drill or a carpenter's hole opener to drill an installation hole of about 35 millimeters on the door panel, with a drilling depth of about 12 millimeters. Then, insert the door hinge into the hinge cup hole on the door panel and fix the hinge cup with self tapping screws.

5. Post installation testing completed

Insert the door hinge into the cup hole of the door panel, open the hinge, then insert and align the side panel, and fix the base with self tapping screws. After completing the installation work, it is necessary to test the effect of opening and closing the door back and forth. Generally, the door hinges can be adjusted in six directions, with up and down alignment. The position of the two doors on the left and right is moderate, and the distance between the doors after installation is generally about 2mm.

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