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Several common classifications in furniture hardware

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  1. Copper furniture hardware.Copper furniture hardware is a more common hardware material in our daily use, and copper furniture hardware has good corrosion resistance and is relatively easy to process. And in the process of extensive use, its processing technology is relatively mature.

  2. Stainless steel furniture hardware.Stainless steel furniture hardware, as the name suggests, has the advantages of not being easy to rust, having a long service life, and it will not appear dull or fade after long-term use.

  3. Zinc alloy furniture hardware.The main feature of zinc alloy furniture hardware is that its hardness is not high, its processing technology is simple, and it can make complex shapes, and it is easy to make complicated patterns and patterns on its surface. But this is also its shortcoming, the strength is not high, it is easy to deform, and it will rust after a long time of use.

  4. Aluminum furniture hardware.Aluminum alloy furniture hardware, because aluminum is light and soft, it is as easy to process as zinc alloy, and can well adapt to various complex shapes. At the same time, the texture of this material is soft and the hardness is not enough, and it is easy to break and damage after long-term use.

  5. Plastic furniture hardware.Plastic furniture hardware mainly undergoes secondary processing on the surface, such as metal spraying, welding and hot pressing on the surface, which is relatively easy in the processing process and relatively stable once made. However, plastic furniture is not durable and has a short service life.

  6. Ceramic furniture hardware.For ceramic furniture hardware, its aesthetics is unmatched by furniture hardware made of other materials, but it also has shortcomings. Ceramic furniture hardware has low compressive strength and is easy to break, but ceramic furniture hardware has good Corrosion resistance, good resistance to acid, alkali and other objects.



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