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Small problems in big decoration: all kinds of door tops used in home decoration

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We often see decoration articles, most of which involve space design/decoration style/furniture soft decoration and so on. There are still some small details in the decoration, and there are relatively few related articles, which will be sorted out and shared with you one after another. For reference. The first one talks about the top of the door.

If you want to install a door at home, it will inevitably involve a door suction. The main function of the door suction is to prevent the handle on the door from hitting the wall, and the second is to prevent the wind from suddenly closing the door and pinching your hand. The door suctions involved in the decoration of my house are mainly the following:The most common ordinary door suction. This kind of door suction is installed on the wall, and there is a concave magnet on the door, which can be attracted together with the metal rod on the wall. This kind of metal rod can also be installed on the floor, depending on everyone's personal preference.

In addition, a so-called concealed door stop, also called invisible door suction, or concealed door suction. This kind of door suction is a small iron piece that can be tilted on the floor, and the magnetic suction is installed on the door. When the magnetic suction on the door reaches the designated position,

The small iron piece was pulled up by the suction, and the door was sucked. This is suitable for situations where there is no installation location on the back of the door, and you don't want to have obvious protrusions on the floor.

In fact, it cannot be called a door suction. It is a kind of door top with a rubber cover on the top as a buffer. Suitable for installation behind doors and on the floor. For example, if the tiles in the bathroom are installed, there may be cracked bricks, so using this instead, the disadvantage is that it cannot absorb the door.

If the wind blows, the door will get caught. This bathroom in my house is a hidden guard, and there is basically no such danger.

Another is to use heavier metal to make a pier behind the door. It is suitable for the situation that cannot be installed on the door, such as the security door is not easy to install screws. There are various styles, but also more beautiful.

Now there is the latest one, which is also a kind of door stopor door touch. The material is silicone, and it is glued to the wall with 3M glue, which can also solve the problem that the door cannot be installed.

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