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The place to pay attention to the installation position of furniture handle

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Generally, only one type of handle is used in a set of furniture, and the same type of handle with different lengths is also of this type, such as non-standard handle and special-shaped aluminum strip handle.

The horizontal and vertical installation of the handles in a set of furniture should be unified, including the shape of the single-hole handle, but the drawer panel, up-turn door, and down-turn door panel handles are all installed horizontally.

The upper cabinet door panel handle is installed below the door panel, the lower cabinet door panel handle is installed above the door panel, and the installation position of the high cabinet door panel handle should be based on the principle of convenience.

The handles of drawer panels, down-turn doors, up-turn doors, and door panels with door accessories are generally installed in the width center of the door panels, and the handles of the door panels are generally installed on the side away from the installation hinges.


There are two installation heights for the handle of the drawer panel, which are installed at the center of the panel height or at the same height from the upper edge of the panel.

The distance between the edge hole of the handle and the edge of the board is generally 45mm.

Door panels with shapes on the surface, such as solid wood door panels, should pay attention to the feasibility of handle installation when installing the handle.

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