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The room door is locked and unlocking techniques

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1. At this time, we need a knife, a sharp and thin knife. The sharper the tip of the knife, the better. First, press the door from the outside of the toilet door, and the contractible part in the middle is called the lock shaft. The lock shaft should not be in contact with the lock groove, cut the friction, use a sharp knife to pass through the gap of the lock groove, press the lock shaft against the lock shaft, and force it in the direction of the free lock shaft. Maybe it cannot be opened once or twice. , Maybe just open the gap on the lock slot.

2. When the door lock cannot be opened, open the door lock by yourself. In addition, when you can't open the lock after using various methods, you can ask a professional unlocking company to unlock. Such unlocking companies generally have specialized technology and unlocking skills, but you have to pay for it yourself. Money is good. This method of asking the company to open the lock is also one of the more commonly used methods by most people.

3. If the door lock cannot be opened, how to deal with it urgently, let the editor help you. Generally speaking, the door lock cannot be opened due to external force, perhaps because the bolt inside is unhooked, or because the bolt is distorted in shape, and the screw on the bolt has fallen off, which causes the door to jam. In this case, the better emergency measure is to find the bolt and pull the fallen screw back from the inside to locate it. This method is limited to situations where the door lock cannot be opened due to foreign matter.

4. In view of the situation that the door lock cannot be opened due to the foreign matter stuck in the door, the emergency measures are: the foreign matter is stuck in the ordinary and the key may not be inserted with the finger, even if it is difficult to insert it. Twisted, in this case, you have to find a way to twist the door lock. First of all, draw a conclusion, whether the door opens inwards or outwards, if it opens inwards, it must be pulled in forcefully, and if it is opened outwards, it must be pushed inwardly.


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