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Wardrobe door hinge selection rules

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steel door hinges

1. Look at the weight of the material

The hinge quality is not good, and the wardrobe door is easy to close after a long time. The door hardware of the main brands is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by one staggered stamping, which has a thick feel and a smooth surface. In addition, due to the thick surface coating, it is not easy to rust, durable and has a large load-bearing capacity. The front cover and base of high-quality wardrobe door hinges are thick, fine workmanship, smooth, burr-free and high strength. Inferior cabinet door hinges are rough, thin and low in strength.

2. Check whether the brand is well-known

When choosing a cabinet door hinge, you need to recognize the brand. High-quality hardware accessories will perform performance damage testing, load testing, switch testing, etc. before leaving the factory. When choosing a cabinet door hinge, you can check whether the corresponding hardware brand logo is printed on the hinge to identify it.

3. Look at the details

Details can reflect the quality of the product. High-quality wardrobe door hinges feel thick and smooth, and the design can generally achieve a mute effect. Bottom hardware is usually made of cheap metal, like a thin sheet of iron, and the door is elongated and broken. There are even harsh sounds.

4. Experience

Closet door hinges can be chosen according to your preference. Cabinet door hinges are used for different purposes. The high-quality cabinet door hinges are relatively soft when opened, and the resistance is very uniform. When you choose, you can experience the feeling by opening and closing the door.

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