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What are the characteristics of the handle?

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door handle

In a home, there may be many types of doors, including doors, interior doors, cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, etc. Among the hardware accessories for these doors, handles are a very important part. Therefore, in hardware accessories, door handles are a crucial link, and many manufacturers have focused on the production of door handles. So what are the characteristics of handles?

The characteristics of the handle currently include zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics, and other materials. There are various colors and shapes, and currently aluminum handles with straight and simple styles and rugged European styles are popular, ranging in length from 35 to 420mm, or even longer. Some handles are also made into cartoon animal shapes. In recent years, new products such as crystal handles, cast copper titanium gold handles, and diamond inlaid stone handles have been introduced.

There are various methods for surface treatment of handles, including mirror polishing and surface wire drawing, depending on the material of the handle; The surface treatment of zinc alloy hinges generally includes galvanizing (white plating, color zinc plating), bright chromium plating, pearl chromium plating, matte chromium plating, pitted black, black baking paint, etc. We can also do different surface treatments according to customer requirements.

What to pay attention to when choosing a handle? When choosing, the main factors to consider are whether there are defects in the appearance, how shiny the electroplating is, and whether the feel is smooth; According to your favorite colors and styles, and in combination with the styles and colors of furniture, choose some stylish and popular handles that match the colors. In addition, the handle should also be able to withstand a large tensile force, and generally, the handle should be able to withstand a tensile force of more than 6kg.

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