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What are the precautions for hinge installation?

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In the assembly and installation process of various types of home furnishings, the installation of hinges is an essential step. Do you know what to pay attention to when installing hinges? Let's learn together today.


1. Pay attention to the installation position and quantity

Usually, the larger the distance between two hinges, the stronger the load-bearing capacity. When installing, it is necessary to consider the actual situation. In cases where the weight of a home door leaf is large, three hinges are needed. Generally, two hinges are sufficient. It should be noted that hinges should not be installed at the corner connections of door and window sashes. It is best to install hinges at a distance of 1/10 of the door and window sash body, and avoid three equal parts. The installation method of one above and one below can be used to avoid the door sash tilting outward.

2. Pay attention to preventing the fan from falling

If the installation of doors and windows is poor, causing the gap above to gradually increase and the gap below to gradually decrease, it will lead to poor opening and closing, and in severe cases, it may fall off. The general reason for this situation may be due to the use of non-standard hinges or the lack of matching screws.

3. Pay attention to the installation gap distance

The gap between the hinge and the door panel should be consistent, and the normal gap is 3-5 mm. Expansion joints should be reserved.

4. Pay attention to accessory matching

Whether the height, width, and thickness of the hinge slot match the hinge, whether the screws and fasteners used for the hinge and connection match, and whether the hinge connection method should match the material of the frame and fan.

5. The fan shaft should be perpendicular

During installation, ensure that the hinges on the same leaf are aligned on the same vertical line to prevent door and window sashes from bouncing.

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