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What are the types of door suctions and the purchasing skills of door suctions

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When we choose indoor doors, we can't ignore hardware accessories such as door suctions. A good door suction can also make our life more comfortable. Some people don't know much about Door Suctions, so what are the types of door suctions? We are in What skills do you have when choosing a door suction? Next, I will briefly introduce the types of door suctions and purchasing skills.

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What are the types of door suction

There are many types of door suctions. According to the installation method, they can be divided into wall-mounted and floor-mountedDoor Stopper. Wall-mounted door suctions and floor-mounted door suctions are generally no different. The floor-mounted type is more complicated, and the floor-mounted door suction is more troublesome when the ground is cleaned. There are usually more consumers who choose to install wall-mounted door suctions.

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Door suction can be divided into plastic door suction and stainless steel door suction according to the material. Most plastic door suctions are made of silicone, rubber and other materials. It uses the force when people push the door to suck the door, which mainly plays the role of anti-collision, and it is affordable and easy to install. Stainless steel door suction is durable and has a long service life. Its appearance is relatively delicate, and it also has the advantages of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. Generally, the suction force of stainless steel door suction is relatively strong, and there is a buffer groove design, so it will not produce a lot of noise during use.

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Door suction can be divided into permanent magnet door suction and electromagnetic door suction according to its function. Permanent magnet door suction is usually used in ordinary indoor doors. We can only control it manually. In addition to manual control, electromagnetic door suction also has automatic control functions. It is usually used in fire doors. Class of electronically controlled doors and windows equipment.

Door suction purchasing skills

Generally, Door Suction is divided into wall suction and floor suction. When we choose door suction, we need to pay attention to the quality and material of the installed wall. There are heating and storage cabinets on the wall. If the wall where the door suction is installed is gypsum wall Or after the wooden wall, we can choose to suction, because if the wall suction is installed, it is easy to cause the door suction to loosen and fall. If there are children at home, we can choose a wall suction. If you want to install a floor suction, you need to pay attention to the style of the door suction. It is best to choose a hidden door suction.

Door suction materials on the market include zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper door suction and other different materials. When choosing a door suction, it is best to choose a stainless steel door suction, because this kind of door suction is strong and durable, does not rust, and is not easy to use. deformed. When we choose a door suction, in addition to looking at the material, we pay attention to its shape, and try to choose a solid and fine Door Suction with good shock absorption effect.


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