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What are the types of hinges?

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1. Ordinary hinge


Used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc. The materials include iron, copper, and stainless steel. The disadvantage of a regular hinge is that it does not have the function of a spring hinge. After installing the hinge, various collision beads must be installed again, otherwise the wind will blow the door panel.

2. Pipe hinge


Pipe hinges, also known as spring hinges. Mainly used for connecting furniture door panels, it generally requires a panel thickness of 16-20 millimeters. The materials include galvanized iron and zinc alloy. The spring hinge is equipped with adjustment screws, which can adjust the height and thickness of the plate up and down, left and right. One of its features is that it can be adjusted according to the space and the opening angle of the cabinet door. In addition to the typical 90 degree angle, there are corresponding hinges matched at 127 degrees, 144 degrees, 165 degrees, etc., allowing various cabinet doors to have corresponding extension.

3. Door hinge


It is divided into ordinary type and bearing type, as mentioned earlier for ordinary type. The bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel in terms of material. From the current consumption situation, copper bearing hinges are more commonly used because of their beautiful and bright design, moderate price, and equipped with screws.

4. Other hinges

There are glass hinges, countertop hinges, and flip door hinges. Glass hinges are used for installing frameless glass cabinet doors, and the glass thickness is required to not exceed 5-6 millimeters.

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