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Which bedroom door lock to choose

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Zinc alloy bedroom door lock, zinc alloy is one of the main materials of very common bedroom door locks, famous for its excellent electroplating performance, after the zinc alloy bedroom i door lock is electroplated, the surface is smoother and fits the skin , In addition, zinc alloy itself has a high density. Normally, a set of zinc alloy bedroom door locks can reach about 2.8 kg. It is heavy in the hand and has more weight. Compared with the other three materials, Zinc alloy bedroom door locks are more beautiful and have more styles. At present, there are no less than 1,000 kinds of them in circulation in the market, which can meet the needs of most consumers.

Stainless steel bedroom door locks, stainless steel bedroom door locks are famous for their durability and high cost performance. Bedroom door locks made of this material are often used in various engineering projects, such as hospitals, staff dormitories, schools, etc. It is worth mentioning that there are two types of stainless steel bedroom door locks: 201 and 304.

Aluminum alloy bedroom door locks, aluminum alloy bedroom door locks are more suitable for mass families, compared with zinc alloy and stainless steel, the advantage of aluminum alloy | door locks is that the price is more affordable, but the price and quality are positively correlated, because the price is not High, the shortcomings of aluminum alloy door locks are also obvious, aluminum alloy bedroom door locks are light in weight.

The bedroom door lock made of pure copper is a kind of precious metal, and the market price is relatively high. Due to different craftsmanship and styles, there will be certain differences in price. Due to its excellent metal properties, pure copper bedroom door locks can be made into various styles. The normal service life can reach 10 years, no fading, no peeling, heavy weight, beautiful appearance, etc.

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