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Do you know the unlocking principle of fingerprint lock

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The technical principle of Fingerprint lock refers to the uneven line of skin on the front of the finger. Although a fingerprint is only a small part of human skin, it contains a lot of information about the pattern. Breakpoints and intersections are different and are called features in information processing. Medicine has proven that these features are different for each finger and that these features are unique and permanent.

Therefore, we can verify his real identity by comparing his fingerprint features with pre-saved fingerprint features. Fingerprint features have become the most important evidence for identification and are widely used in public security, criminal investigation and judicial fields.


Second, no matter what the lock is, its essence is a mechanical product. Fingerprint lock is a model of using modern high technology to transform traditional industries. Its core technology is the mastery of mechanical technology first. Mechanical technology mainly includes the following aspects:

Reasonable design of front and rear panels

That is, appearance is a sign that is distinctly different from similar products. More importantly, the internal structure layout directly determines the stability and function of the product. This process involves design. Mold production. Finishes and other links. Therefore, the more styles the manufacturer has, the stronger the ability to develop and design, and the better the stability.

lock body

That is, the body of the deadbolt can be connected to the door. The quality of the lock body directly determines the service life of the product. This is the most core technology in mechanical technology, it is also the lifeline of fingerprint locks, and it is also the most difficult problem to solve in the industry. 95% of existing production units cannot solve this problem, mainly through outsourcing support. Powerful manufacturers have the ability to design and develop lock bodies themselves. Therefore, the lock body is not only the core component that truly reflects the technical level of the manufacturer, but also the core technology of the entire fingerprint lock.


The motor is the driver. Just like a computer's driver software. It is an electronic and mechanical connecting device. The power conversion center plays an important role in connecting up and down. If the motor stops working or there is an obstacle, the lock will automatically open and cannot be locked.

Fingerprint module and application system.

This is the basis of the electronics part. At present, the counterparts of the fingerprint module function almost the same. It mostly depends on which chip is used and which algorithm is used. For example, Sika's algorithm chips have been proven in the market for a long time and are very good.

circuit design

Clear circuit design and wiring are also important factors to ensure product stability.


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