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Hinge selection points

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The materials used are corrosion-resistant and thick in quality. When purchasing hinges, you should choose according to the environment and material characteristics. When purchasing, you can also weigh the weight of similar products of different brands, and thick products are better. Steel hinges are easy to rust and are not suitable for general use in humid environments; copper hinges have corrosion resistance and antibacterial functions and are suitable for use in bathrooms; aluminum hinges have low strength and are generally thicker; stainless steel is decorative and functional They are all better, and are the products generally chosen by many families, but you should be careful when buying products with surface coatings.

Smooth appearance and good surface treatment. First, check whether the surface material of the hinge is flat. If you see scratches or deformation, it means that the product is produced from waste materials; secondly, carefully observe the surface treatment of the hinge, scratch to see if you can see the yellow copper layer, or look at the hinge Inside the cup, if the color of the cup is the same or the color of iron can be seen, it proves that the electroplating layer is very thin and there is no copper plating. If the color and brightness of the cup is close to that of other parts, the electroplating has passed. In general, well-made hinges have beautiful appearance, small gaps, and more reliable use.

The bearing diameter is large and the wall plate is thick. The quality of the flat hinge mainly depends on the quality of the bearing. The larger the diameter of the bearing, the better, the thicker the wall plate, the better, hold the hinge piece flat with your hand, and let the other piece slide down freely, at a uniform and slow speed.

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