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How to choose a door handle?

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1. Different brands and shapes cause price differences

The price gap for door handles is reflected in branding and styling. Among the high-end door handles, many products are mainly imported from European countries, and the prices are also different according to different models and styles. High-end imported door handles are divided into a full set of imported and imported accessories and are assembled domestically. The prices of these two types are different. If the merchant says it is imported, it can be required to issue a customs entry document. It is recommended to choose a well-known, quality-assured and after-sale door handle.

2. Choose according to the style of home decoration

There are many types of door handles on the market, and the combination of different door panels has different effects. Generally, the door handle and the purchased door are matched. If you want to buy a door handle yourself, you must consider the matching effect of the door handle and the door panel, and consider whether the position of the door and other conditions are up to standard.

3. Touch and knock to distinguish between good and bad

Check the finish color and protective film of the door handle for damage and scratches. The high-quality door handles are uniform in color and stable. If the lines of the door handles are distorted, it is not recommended to buy them. The high-quality door handles are smooth to the touch and easy to handle, and there is no stubble sticking or cutting hands.

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