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How to choose the most reasonable door lock

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Choice of locks:

1. Selection of lock cylinder

When choosing a lockcylinder, you must first determine whether the lock you need to install is outdoors or indoors. If it is the former, it is recommended that you choose a lock cylinder with more than 6 lock cylinders. The safety index is quite high. If it is indoors, we can choose There are less than 6 lock cylinders or coin slot lock cylinders without marbles. Because we don’t use it a lot when we close and lock the door in the room, some of them can’t even lock, so it’s usually enough to install a simpler lock cylinder.

2. Selection of lock body

Usually the door locks for entering the house are mainly multi-mode lock tongues, mainly to improve the anti-theft, anti-shock and anti-cutting functions. If it is indoors, you can choose a single-tongue or multi-tongue lock body.

3. Door lock feel

If the door lock is installed and it feels very difficult to close the door, it means that the gap between the door leaf and the door frame cannot maintain a certain rule. When it comes to locks, everyone must correspond clearly.


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