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How to install the door handle correctly

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  1. The first thing is to keep the door open, as it allows for better operation and allows you to simultaneously operate the inside and outside door handles. Then locate the screws on the inner door handle cover.

   2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to rotate the two screws found counterclockwise.Afterwards, at the outer edge of the fixed latch board door, use a screwdriver to remove the two screws and pull out various components of the latch board outside the door.Loosen the two fixed door frames in a counterclockwise direction with a screwdriver and pull until the door frame panel comes off.Assemble the newly purchased door lock, and through the edge of the hole, a portion of the curve of the bolt on the door latch should point towards the outer side of the door. The bolt fixing plate is equipped with the wooden screw that comes with the door handle kit.

   3.  After completing the above steps, then insert the outer door handle from the outside.The inner door handle is secured with two screws from the inside of the door, and then the holes on the cover plate are threaded clockwise to the outer door handle sleeve. Tighten the screws and use a Phillips screwdriver.On the curved side of the door frame that curves around the inner side of the door frame, finally fix the impact plate and the screws provided with the kit.

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