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How to unblock the floor drain

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• 1. Manual cleaning method The floor drain is blocked generally because all kinds of dirt enter through the floor drain port, which causes it to be blocked; first, it is enough to clean up the dirt in the floor drain. Another method is to use tools such as iron pliers and wire hooks to open the lid of the floor drain, and then remove the dirt inside, so that the floor drain will become unblocked.

• 2. Physical dredging method What should I do if the floor drainis blocked? If the dirt is in a relatively deep position, it is difficult to clean it by manual cleaning at this time, then the physical dredging method can be used. Then you can deal with it with the help of dredging the leather raft of the toilet. First, it uses the principle of siphon. It is enough to press down and suck and then pull up. Just repeat this action several times.

• 3. Log dredging method. If you have a log in your home and it is very close to the diameter of the underwater channel, then you can try to insert the log into the sewer pipe, so that you can put an appropriate amount of water in the pool, quickly Continuously twitch the log up and down, so that the operation can wash away the dirt in the sewer pipe.

•4. Soda adhesion method If you cannot solve it with physical dredging method, then you can try soda adhesion method. First, pour half a cup of cooked soda powder into the sewer, and then pour half a cup of edible vinegar. At this time, some reactions will occur between the soda and the vinegar, which can remove a lot of oily substances adhering to the pipe.

• 5. Drug decomposition method What should I do if the floor drain is blocked? This method is a more worry-free method, and it can be said that it is also a relatively common pipe dredging agent. If you feel that the sewer in your home is slow, you can take about 50 grams of pipe dredging agent and pour it into the sewer, and then pour 200ML of clean water. After 30 minutes, it can be dredged.

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