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Which is better for brass hinge or iron hinge?

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The hinge is an important accessory that determines whether the door can be flexibly opened and closed. As a minor supporting role, it is often underappreciated. People only pay attention to whether the protagonist of the door is beautiful and durable, but ignore the importance of hinges. If the hinge selection is not good, the door switch will be heavier, which is not conducive to prolonging the service life of the door. Therefore, pay attention when buying hinges.But there are many materials for making hinges, including iron hinges, copper hinges, stainless steel hinges, etc. Hinges of different materials have different characteristics and service life. Which material is more durable and rust-proof? Today we will look at iron hinges and copper hinges.

The copper hinge is classical and elegant, with good strength, no discoloration, and not easy to rust. However, the strength of copper is not as good as that of stainless steel, and it will be oxidized and discolored for a long time. However, due to the high cost of copper hinges, in order to reduce costs, many copper hinge manufacturers are actually made of copper-plated surfaces coated with transparent paint. Such copper-plated hinges will rust for a long time, so be sure to identify them carefully when purchasing copper hinges.

The biggest feature of iron hinge is low cost and cheap price; the biggest disadvantage is that it will rust. Iron hinges are generally used in places where the decoration style is not high, such as factory doors, ordinary decoration doors and windows, etc.

Due to the shortcomings of the two, stainless steel hinges are wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, rust-proof and have a long service life. Jiangmen Degol Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of door hinge hinges of various specifications, with high quality and low price, large quantity and excellent price. Welcome friends to buy wholesale.

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