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Ball lock science Recognition installation and maintenance of ball locks

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The spherical lock is named spherical lock because the inner and outer handles (lock handles) are spherical. Ball locks are very common in our life scenes, such as bedrooms, bathroom doors, etc. If they are damaged, how to install and maintain them in daily use?

The first step of installation: According to the size of the spherical door lock, measure the size and punch holes on the door. When drilling the mounting port, draw a circle with two centers, drill a 54mm diameter hole in the front and a 25mm hole in the back.

The second step of installation: first install the lock tongue in the lock tongue hole on the outside of the door, fix it with special screws, then install the lock body, insert the lock body hole from the lock body room, and buckle the tail of the lock tongue, so that the lock body and the lock tongue are combined.

The third step of installation: adjust the position of the lock and install the center of the lock to the center line part to avoid affecting future use.

Installation Step 4: After installation, you can check whether the door lock is flexible. If the door lock is very flexible, there is no problem with the installation. If the opening is not flexible, it proves that there is a problem with the installation. At this point, it needs to be adjusted again.

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After the installation is completed, it can be used for daily use, but there are also some tips for daily use and maintenance. If the maintenance is good, it can increase the service life of the spherical lock and avoid frequent lock replacement:

First of all, when we usually open and close the door, it is better to close the door gently to avoid giving the deadbolt a strong impact.

Secondly, the lock body part should be frequently added with lubricant, which can effectively prolong the service life of the lock. It is best to add it every six months.

The third point: If we feel stuck and jerky when inserting the key, we can put a little pencil powder on the lock cylinder, which can play a lubricating role.

The three questions have been explained clearly to everyone. If you have any questions about the installation, use and unlocking of the ball lock, you can continue to pay attention to the instant opening.

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