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Reasons and solutions for hinges that are prone to loosening

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After the Stainless Steel Hinge is installed, with the increase of the frequency of use or a certain period of time, the hinge will become loose, and if it is loose, a creaking sound will occur, which is very uncomfortable, and will seriously affect the doors and windows and other components. opening and closing effect. So how to prevent and solve the problem of loose hinges? Below, Degol Hardware will share with you how to solve the problem of loose hinges.


In the first case, when making furniture, the wood screws are not screwed into the wood with a screwdriver, but driven with a small hammer, so that the wood screws do not match the wood, the door is often opened, and the wood screws driven into the wood will be caused by vibration. The phenomenon of sliding teeth occurs, which makes the hinge loose. The solution is: remove the Door Hinge, find a wood screw with the same length and a thicker diameter than the log screw, and can pass through the hole in the page, screw it back into the door frame with a screwdriver, or chop it with an axe after removing it) a small wooden wedge. , dipping the glue into the screw holes with a small hammer. After the glue is solidified, use a woodworking shovel to level the exposed remaining wedges of the frame, and then re-screw the log screws into the original holes with a screwdriver.

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In the second case, the loose hinge of the door leaf of the furniture is mainly caused by improper selection of screws and incorrect installation process during production. The former situation is mainly manifested in that the furniture door leaf is too heavy, and the wood of the door frame is too soft, so the nail holding force is not strong. In addition, the optional hinge is small and the wood screw is short, which causes loosening. The solution is: select the appropriate hinge and replace the screw. Generally, a 65mm long hinge should be selected for the large cabinet door, and a 25mm long wood screw should be used. When the doors of small cabinets, chests of drawers and writing desks are 50-100mm long, a pair of 50mm long hinges should be selected, and 18mm long wood screws should be used. For small doors such as trunks and bedside tables, a pair of 40mm long should be selected, and 16mm long wood screws should be used.

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Most of the Stainless Steel Hinges are loose for the above two situations, and there are also a small number of other reasons. The reasons for the occurrence of the situation will not be very different after all, and everyone should find solutions according to the specific situation.

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