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What are the classifications of bolt? What are the installation methods?

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Latch pins are widely used in family life. The latch has been around since ancient times. However, most ancient latches were made of wood. Most of the latches are now metal or stainless steel. Next, let's learn about the latch!

Stainless steel latch

The latch consists of two parts, one part is the movable rod and the other part is the nose, which is fixed on the door frame, the latch rod is fixed on the door, and the latch rod corresponds to the nose, so the latch can prevent the door from opening and can play a simple safety role.

The bolts can also be divided into open bolts and dark bolts. The main difference between the open bolt and the concealed bolt is the size, which determines the price and installation difficulty of the bolt. Generally speaking, the price of open bolts is relatively cheap, and the installation is relatively simple, while the anti-theft ability of concealed bolts is relatively strong, especially the counterfeit concealed bolts, which cannot be opened without permission, and professional and technical personnel are required to operate during installation.

Latches are an important part of doors and windows. In order to improve the safety of doors and windows, the correct installation of the latch is essential. The installation of the latch seems simple, but there is also a lot of learning. Pin installation method:

(1) Installation method of mobile latch

When installing the movable latch, first punch out the latch hole with a die, remove the screw, put the side of the latch into the hole, then adjust the latch rod to a proper position and screw on the screw.

(2) Push-pull pin installation method


When installing the push-pull bolt, you need to remove the fixed panel of the outer door of the bolt first, and then press the push-pull bolt to operate. But it should be reminded that the panel needs to be fixed with screws in the end, and this step cannot be ignored.

The latch is a tool installed behind the door. It is a simple component that can prevent the door from opening, so the main function of the latch is security and theft, which can prevent thieves and criminals from entering the room, and can protect the safety of family life and property.

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